There are 200 episodes of the Sailor Moon anime series.

Story ArcsEdit

The first story arc was Sailor Moon R, where in this arc they fought the Negaverse and the evil Queen Beryl. In the second story arc, Sailor Moon S followed the story of the evil Professor Tomoe And The Witches Five who tried to steal Pure Heart Crystals in order to get the Holy Grail. In the third arc, Sailor Moon Super S focused on the Dead Moon Circus (Amazoness Quartet, Amazon Trio) who tried to steal people's dream energy (please correct me if I'm wrong about this). The fourth and final story arc was Sailor Moon Stars, which focused on fighting Sailor Galaxia (please correct me if I'm wrong again). Also, Sailor Moon Stars was never translated into English due to controversey.

Sailor Moon MoviesEdit

There have been three Sailor Moon that have been released, Sailor Moon Promise Of The Rose (Sailor Moon R), Sailor Moon Hearts On Ice (Sailor Moon S), and Sailor Moon The Black Dream Hole (Sailor Moon Super S). A movie was never released for Sailor Moon Stars. Sailor Moon Promise Of The Rose was about the evil Kasenian Blossom and the alien Fiore (I need more info on the plot please). Sailor Moon Hearts On Ice was about the evil snow Princess Kaguya, who wanted to have a seocnd Ice Age on Earth. Also, Luna becomes human for one night after falling in love with a human astronomer. The third and final movie Sailor Moon The Black Dream Hole was about the evil Queen Badianyuu, who wanted to steal childrens' dream energy. The three movies do not pertain to the Sailor Moon story arcs in which the movies are titled.

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