• Barneygirl18

    Who do you think is cuter Chibusa or Chibi Chibi?

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  • Barneygirl18

    Choices: Sailor Moon (any form, includes Sailor Cosmos, Neo Queen Serenity, and Princess Serenity)

    Sailor Mini Moon (any form and Princess Small Lady Serenity)

    Sailor Chibi Chibi

    Sailor Venus (any form and princess)

    Sailor Mercury (any form and princess)

    Sailor Mars (any form and princess)

    Sailor Jupiter (any form and princess)

    Sailor Uranus (any form and princess)

    Sailor Neptune (any form and princess)

    Sailor Pluto (any form and princess)

    Sailor Saturn (any form and princess)

    Queen Serenity

    Human forms of the Sailor Scouts

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  • Barneygirl18

    Choices: Sailor Moon R

    Sailor Moon S

    Sailor Moon Super S

    Sailor Moon Stars

    Sailor Moon R movie (The Promise Of The Rose)

    Sailor Moon S movie (Hearts On Ice)

    Sailor Moon Super S movie (The Black Dream Hole)

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  • Barneygirl18

    Which theme song for Sailor Moon do you like better? Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) the Japanese opening theme or the American versioon? If you live in another country that version will count too.

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  • Barneygirl18

    Character Choices: Sailor Moon

    Sailor Venus

    Sailor Mercury

    Sailor Mars

    Sailor Jupiter

    Sailor Saturn

    Sailor Uranus

    Sailor Neptune

    Sailor Pluto

    Sailor Mini Moon

    Transformations: Normal




    Sailor Moon Transformations: Normal



    Princess Serenity

    Neo Queen Serenity

    Sailor Cosmos

    Please Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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